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Does The "Master Cleanse" Deliver Results?

Does The Master Cleanse Work? 15 Years and still living. I was introduced to the Master Cleanse 15 years ago. My beautician told me about and she said she heard there were some people using it. She had even tried it and said it worked well for her. She told me to go to the neighborhood health food store and buy the book by Stanley Burroughs "The Master Cleanser" also known as "The Lemonade Diet". I took her advice and went to the neighborhood health food store. The two older ladies there raved about the cleanse and gave me encouragement. They told me I should start off doing (5) days since this was my first time.

The two ladies told me I could still work out; (during the years I have sometime elected to not work out while doing the cleanse) all I needed to do is be close to a restroom. I read the entire book by Stanley Burroughs and began the cleanse about two days later. I have to say the first day I began feeling some dizziness and light headedness. But after lying down and taking it easy for a while I felt better. The light headedness was not from being hungry it was from the toxins stirring around in my system. Another thing that I experienced is when I had a bowel movement the dizziness went away. I never really got hungry only used to chewing solid foods because that is the way we are as humans. We are used to having something in our mouths chewing on.

After the (5) days I lost about 7 pounds. I felt good. I shared the cleanse with my parents. My mother could not handle it, (CAUTION!....The Master Cleanse Is Not For Everyone ) however my dad could. He read the book Master Cleanser by Stanley Borroughs in its entirety before starting the cleanse and away he went. 14 days for the first time. I was amazed and inspired at how much weight my dad lost (18 pounds) and how healthy and glowing his skin looked. After he completed the cleanse he went to his doctor’s office. His cholesterol dropped by 14 points.
I was determined on my next go around to do 10 days and see what happens. I figured if dad could do it for 14 days and is still living I can go for 10. I did it. 10 days on the cleanse. I started out as a dress size of 14. After I completed the cleanse I was a dress size 10. I was able to fit into all of my old clothes that I was not originally not able to get into. I really believe the cleanse changed my metabolism because 3 months later I came down 3 additional dress sizes. I was a size 6. I had never been a size 6 before. Of course I exercised 3 to 4 days a week. Everyone’s body is different. What works for me may or may nor work for you. I suggest If you don't do Master Cleanse do something. Doing nothing may lead to colon cancer or a diseased colon, and other serious health conditions such as heart disease.

If you are going to do the Master Cleanse. I highly suggest reading Stanley Burroughs book written in the 1970’s "The Master Cleanser/ Lemonade Diet" found in your local health food store. There is a more recent e-book titled Master Cleanse Secrets. This guide has more modern ways of doing the Master Cleanse. He even talks about how to attack hunger during the Master Cleanse. I  Stanley Burroughs original book.

Regardless of which books you decide to purchase read them in its entirety. I say this with CAUTION. Many of my friends have asked me to just give them the recipe, they went home and tried it and became nervous and sick. So I WARN you before starting this cleanse Check With Your Doctor….And Read The Entire Book Master Cleanse in its ENTIRETY. You have to prepare yourself for this mentally and know what to expect physically.

I can say that my experience has been positive with the Master Cleanse . My dad started me using the Sea Salt portion of the cleanse because he said it worked so well for him. I agree it works very well. Just make sure you are near a restroom within a hour because it will clean you out very quickly. I have Stanley Burroughs version from the 1970’s.

If you plan on doing the Master Cleanse remember it is temporary and you are doing it for the purposes of cleaning your entire body. That mindset alone will get you through the cleanse successfully and the waste you were once carrying around that made you tired and sluggish will leave your body where weight loss is the result.

Best wishes to all of you that will do the Master Cleanse.

Letty Barnette'

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68 Days After the Master Cleanse
I did the master cleanse for 20 days from February, 2010 to March, 2010. The video below is 68 days after doing the Master Cleanse. Check me out and see how I am doing. WARNING! In This video you may not be able to see everything such as my dress size; if you want to see the full size video visit me at by clicking here and see my entire 20 day quest. 


Lou said...

Do you have any before and after pictures of you while you where on the master Cleanse diet?

Master Cleanse Reviews said...

Hi Lou;

That is a good idea. During the times I have done the master cleanse diet I did not think about doing that. I do the cleanse periodically; the next time that I tackle the cleanse I will take before and after photos...keep checking back to this blog.